3 February 2021

Layer2 Cloud Connector Major Release

03 February 2021
Layer2 Cloud Connector Major Release - What's new?

Major Release: Layer2 Cloud Connector V9.0.9.0

Being thrown into a completely new situation has created some bigger challenges for many businesses and entrepreneurs. In particular, the issue of accessing data from any remote location has generated a big demand, so we decided to focus the Major Release on file synchronization and to the new authentification method implemented by Microsoft.


A BLOB (Binary Large Object ) is a data object that is usually processed and stored by databases in a special form. Typical BLOBs are files like video, audio or image files.
See how to connect SQL BLOB with your favorite app!

FTP Server

Many companies work inside their networks with FTP Server to collaborate and share their files. To share and access your data from outside of the FTP Server see here how to connect your FTP Server using the Layer2 Cloud Connector Enterprise Edition! 

New Microsoft Authentification

Microsoft always works on a better and safer authentification for their tools. To be up to date we extended the exchange provider OAuth and support now "Microsoft_Modern_Exchange". 


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