1 April 2020

Enable remote work for your business with the Layer2 Cloud Connector

01 April 2020
From scratch to remote: How to maintain the productivity and efficiency even by working from home?

In order to stop the spread of Covid-19 leaders and employers are currently in the responsability to protect their workers from a possible infection. At the same time they need to remain productive in order to keep jobs and their businesses afloat. Many of them are forced to rethink and reorganize their processes to create an environment in which every employee can work just as effectively, or at least approximately, even from home.

Try to make the best out of the remote working situation using the Layer2 Cloud Connector

We set up some use cases with the Layer2 Cloud Connector which may help you to keep your productivity and efficiency even from home:

• How can I guarantee a stable communication? With Microsoft Teams or Slack integration.

• How can I access or synchronize my files? With file sync or Google Drive integration or synchronization.

• How do I maintain my work organization? With Asana Integration.

• How can I access local user data? With Active Directory Integration.


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We hold the fort for you - even from home. Stay healthy.