Licensing Layer2 Products - General


​Layer2 products can be used as free Shareware Edition with limited features. For full features the products must be licensed. You can request a time-limited Trial license to evaluate the product for 15 days. Licensing general depends of the specific product. Please find more details below. If you have any further questions about licensing Layer2 products for your specific configuration, please contact [email protected]  

Licensing Layer2 Cloud Connector


​​The Layer2 Cloud Connector is licensed on a per installation base, not related to any data source or destination like Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, SQL etc. Normally you will need just one installation. Please find more details about editions and licensing in the FAQs.

Licensing Layer2 Business Data List Connector


​The Layer2 Business Data List Connector is licensed on a per SharePoint server base. That means:


  • A license is required for every SharePoint server.
  • There are no additional user CALs required.
  • All web frontend server (WFE) have to be licensed.
  • No license is required for SharePoint infrastructure servers, e.g. for index, SQL or search server.
  • Application servers (APP) have to be licensed in case of SharePoint timer jobs are used, e.g. for using BDLC background update.
  • The CA server (if any) has to be licensed in many cases, because it's a WFE by default (it renders the CA). In some cases timer jobs are also executed there (depending on configuration).
  • There are discounts for purchasing multiple licenses at once. Please contact [email protected] for a detailed specific quote, if required.
  • The license price is a one-time fee. You can use the purchased version of the software as long as you want. For updates and upgrades, Software Assurance is required.
  • For development you can generally use the free Shareware version, but note the Shareware limitations of 25 items per list.
  • Development, QA or other non-production server licenses are discounted with 50%. Please note, that non-production licenses are sold as an add-on to production licenses only.
  • You can optionally order additional packages for Software Assurance (annual fee, approx. 20% of license costs) and support (per hour). Please check the web shop for this.
  • We are offering a 15% discount for non-profit organizations.
  • Discounts are granted for packages of licenses (>5 items). Please ask [email protected] for purchase offerings.
  • As a reseller, please note partner program with free NFR versions, up to 30% discount on licenses etc.


If you have ordered the licenses and the payment process is successfully finished, you will receive a product key. About activating your product using this license key, please see General FAQs:  "How to activate a Layer2 product?"


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