Layer2 Cloud Connector editions - Compare Sheet and FAQ

All editions of the Layer2 Cloud Connector come with the same core features to keep data and files in sync across 100+ IT systems and apps. To learn more about the differences in terms of features, licensing, and data providers, see the table and read the FAQ below.



Personal Edition
Professional Edition
Enterprise Edition

Fully-featured product
3rd party data provider compatible

Unlimited number of connections*
One connection only
Unlimited data volume or number of records /files*
Licensing per installation. Not bound to any specific connected systems or tenant
Annual Software Assurance (SA) available (Required for upgrades to higher product versions and to move licenses to another server)

Not required
Annual Subscription
Data providers
Compatible to 3rd-Party or self-made providers
Included upcoming Layer2 Data Providers

Included standard Microsoft providers

SQL Server
Included Layer2 Data Providers
(V8 and higher)

Azure Blob Storage
File System
Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps
Microsoft Teams Channel Webhook
Office 365 Fast File Sync
Office 365 Groups
RSS Feeds
SOAP Web Services (Deprecated)
Act! CRM - -
Active Directory - -
Asana - -
Authorize.Net - -
Azure Tables - -
Bing - -
Cloudant - -
CosmosDB - -
Couchbase - -
Dropbox - -
Dynamics 365 Business Central - -
Email - -
Excel - -
Excel Online - -
Facebook - -
File Transfer Protocol - -
Google Analytics - -
Google Calendar - -
Google Contacts - -
Google Drive - -
Google Mail - -
Google Search - -
Google Sheets - -
HubSpot - -
JIRA - -
JSON - -
Magento - -
MailChimp - -
MariaDB - -
MongoDB - -
NetSuite - -
PayPal - -
PostgreSQL - -
Quandl - -
Quickbooks - -
QuickBooks Online - -
Reckon - -
Redis - -
REST - -
SendGrid - -
ServiceNow - -
Shopify - -
Smartsheet - -
Square - -
SuiteCRM - -
SurveyMonkey - -
Twitter - -
Xero - -
YouTube - -


* Not limited by license but depends on configuration and settings.

Layer2 Cloud Connector Editions - FAQ

Why using the Personal Edition?

If you have just one connection to sync, for example one specific Windows file share to one OneDrive for Business document library, this is a very cost-effective – but limited - starting point.

Why go for the Professional Edition?

This edition allows multiple connections to keep data and files in sync across various IT systems out-of-the-box, such as SharePoint, File Server, or many SQL/ERP/CRM systems. You can additionally purchase data providers on-demand from 3rd-parties to add support for even more data sources. An effective, one-time fee solution in particular for Microsoft Cloud integrations.

What’s the main benefit of the Enterprise Edition?

If you are a system integrator or work in a larger enterprise with many on-prem IT systems and new multi-cloud environments, purchasing 3rd-party data providers on demand directly by the vendors can be expensive and time-consuming. This Enterprise Edition completes the Layer2 portfolio at the upper end as a one-stop-shop solution.

How to upgrade across editions?

While there is no upgrade option from Personal to Professional, customers of the Professional Edition with valid Software Assurance can upgrade to the Enterprise Edition at any time. A 50% discount is granted for the first annual subscription rate.

How to downgrade across editions?

In general, it is possible to downgrade from the Enterprise Edition to the Professional Edition at the end of the subscription period. To prevent your business from service interruption, contact [email protected] to discuss further steps.

How Layer2 Data Providers compare to 3rd party

Some data providers are created by Layer2, some are compatible to 3rd-party data providers and added to the Enterprise Edition white-labeled. 3rd-party provided features are limited to the ones needed to work with the Layer2 Cloud Connector for data and file sync.

General Layer2 Cloud Connector FAQ

How is the Layer2 Cloud Connector licensed?
All fully-featured Editions are licensed per server. The free, but up to 25 items limited Shareware Edition can be used license-free.


Is there any Cloud Connector non-production license, e.g. for development or QA?
No, there is no specific license or discount for this. Please note that you can generally use the same Layer2 Cloud Connector installation to connect to your SharePoint production, development and QA environment. Alternatively, you can use a separate installation of the Personal Edition or Professional Edition for QA, depending on requirements.

I'm a Microsoft MVP. Can I have a free license to better understand the product?
Yes, as a Microsoft MVP you can receive a free NFR license of the Layer2 Cloud Connector Personal Edition for one year. The license can be extended on request.


Do I have to re-install to upgrade from free to another edition?
No, you will receive a modified license file only to place on the server to upgrade. All settings are being kept.


Do you offer any non-profit pricing?
Yes, we are granting a discount of 15% on licenses for non-profit organizations. Please ask [email protected] for a discount code.


Are there any discounts on license packages?
Yes, we are offering discounts on packages starting with 5 licenses purchased at the same time.

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